August 3, 2016

Coloring case for kids

Coloring case for kids, just grab and go! 
Great way to keep my little artist busy. It holds 18 mini pencils or crayons, clear A5 notebook and there is extra pocket for stickers!
Kids can take them on road trips, plane, to the restaurant, office appointments...
I have made a lots of them lately for my customers and as a gift for my friends.

They are bit addictive to make :)

Oh, and how fabulous are these foxes!
I am in love with this fabric :)

Few of them are still available here:

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August 1, 2016

Her name is Collette!

Just a few fabric scraps and new bestie for my daughter was born. She calls her Collette! 

Tak jsem opět zalovila v krabici se zbytkama látek a spíchla té mojí berušce panenku.
Pojmenovaly jsme ji Collette  (čti Kolet) je to Irské jméno naší kamarádky.

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